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Hi Friends & Colleagues,

 As most of you know I opened Vessel Refillery just over a year ago. There’s been a lot of learning and changes in that time, so I thought I’d send out a quick update on what I’m doing. I’ve added lots of new products since opening last March and am experimenting with some new service models.

 For those of you who don’t know what Vessel Refillery is; basically, it’s my way of helping you get rid of some of the plastic in your lives. I stock most cleaners and a good range of personal care products. Instead of having to get a new plastic bottle every time you need dish soap (or shampoo, lotion, ect), you can now refill one you already have.

 My standard service is weekly delivery in Whistler & every other week in Pemberton. REFILLs get delivered to you in deposit-based mason jars. You can transfer the product into your own container or use it straight from the mason jar (I sell pump tops that fit on to the mason jars). When you return the mason jar, you get the deposit back and I keep reusing that jar. In addition to the REFILLs;  I have lots of other plastic free & low waste products & accessories.

 If Thursday delivery doesn’t quite work for you, there are a few other options. I can often have your order ready for pick up in Emerald within 24hrs. It’s advised to check in to make sure I’m in town first. I’ve started doing a monthly Open House / Pop In Store at my house in Emerald. You can shop the entire Vessel Refillery inventory and fill your own containers. For Pemberton people, I’ve recently secured a permanent spot at The Pemberton Collective. They will carry a selection of REFILL basics and a few other things. You can bring your own containers in to fill. And if all else fails, you can just message me to see if we can set up a time to do your REFILLs.

 There are a few ways to keep up to date. Sign up for my newsletter. I send a short email out every Tuesday to remind people of the upcoming Thursday delivery. Sign-up online at the bottom of the page. Follow @vessel.refillery on Facebook & Instagram. Or let me know your preferred method of communication.

Thanks for your time. Tell your friends & neighbours!

And please get in touch if you have any questions, suggestions or just want to say hi.


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