Original Package vs Refill

Should I buy the original package or a refill?

It really depends on your situation. The ultimate goal is for everyone to be using refills, but there are times when getting a product in it's original package is the best option.

If you're new to refilling, getting your first order in the original packaging is a great choice. Then you know exactly what you're getting. The original packaging contains ingredient lists and instructions for use. Once you've used that first portion up then you can get refills.

Live for Tomorrow (LFT) packages their retail sizes in stainless steel bottles instead of plastic. So you're not even adding any plastic to the system, and that stainless bottle can be refilled an infinite number of times.  

Hot Tip: once you start refilling, funnels become your friend. Pouring from a mason jar into your shampoo bottle can be messy business without that funnel. And I like to use a silicone spatula to get every last drop out.

Funnels are your friend

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