Earth Day BINGO Contest

When’s the last time you played BINGO?

We’re a community of outdoor lovers that want to do things to help our planet. In honour of Earth Day on April 22 – we have a fun challenge for you. There 10 prizes available from some our favourite vendors like Bottle None, Live for Tomorrow, Be Clean Naturally, Plantish, Nature Bee and Jarmazing.

How it works:
1. Fill 5 squares in a row – vertically, horizontally or diagonally by doing the suggested activity. The “TAKE THE BUS” square in the middle is already filled – cuz, well, you know! Take photos as you go.
2. Email or message us on Social Media with the filled out bingo card & photo evidence. We don't need pics of all your activities, but at least a few.
3. Let us know if you’re ok with us sharing your photos online. I know you want to see what others are doing.
Every row filled out counts as one entry. The more rows, the more entries.

Send entries to or @vessel.refillery on Facebook & Instagram.

Contest ends at midnight on April 22. Winners will be announced on April 26.



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